Ike Ozurumba

Name: Ike Ozurumba
Nickname: Ike
Hometown: Milwaukee
Profession: Computer Network Engineer
Bike(s): 2005 Suzuki SV650
Favorite Track(s): Blackhawk, Brainerd
On the track since: 2016

About Me:
Sup, my name is Ike. I got into track riding with Motovid in 2016 and it all escalated from there. I made some great friends who coerced me into getting into racing and that’s where I am now. I’ve loved motorcycles since I saw the opening scene of Akira. I love taking long trips on Bikes, riding track on bikes and racing bikes. I also play Dungeons & Dragons quite a bit too, as well as Magic the Gathering.

Active Racer CCS #414 Expert

Control Rider and Sport Riding 201 Coach

Teaching Style: Work on only a few things at a time. Keeping it simple. Learn the main basics that will make you smoother and faster.

Favorite Corner: Blackhawk Farms Turn 5

Track Day Advice:
Don’t hesitate to grab a Control Rider and ask for input or a tow.

You can learn to be alot faster by forcing yourself to slow down.

Always have fun, be safe and ride in way that let’s others have fun and be safe.

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