“....201 class was well thought out and the presentation kept it fun and instructional at the same time. Anthony and Gary did an outstanding job in explaining techniques to help improve my riding on the track. Looking forward to applying this to future Trackdays and taking 301 in the future.”


"... Great class. Everything I was hoping it would be. Excellent coach. Might take the class again. Have to see how much i remember over the next few track days."


"... Performance 201 was a great course. The drills chosen for the course were great..... the course was very helpful to me and Morrison was a great coach."


"... I really enjoyed the class. Anthony was a really good instructor; he provided a lot of information and asked good questions. Kept things moving and on schedule. Very nice job. Zac was super helpful in providing specific things I needed to work on. He was a great coach and I learned a lot about my riding habits that I need to work further on. I'd certainly recommend the class.."



"... Really enjoyed the experience!"

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