Anthony Lambert

Name: Anthony Lambert
Nickname: Chief or “Hey Man”
Hometown: Zion, IL
Profession: Firearms Trainer/Instructor/Writer
Motovid ...
Brad Kueter

Brad Kueter

Name: Brad Kueter
Nickname: Brad
Hometown: Dubuque IA
Profession: Head of operations @ Becker and ...

Bryan Rieck

Name: Bryan Rieck
Nickname: Shagz
Hometown: Davenport, IA
Profession: Software Developer
Motovid Role/Position: Corner worker, ...

Chuck Burton

Name: Charles Burton IV
Nickname: Chuck
Hometown: Green Bay, WI
Profession: Welder/Fabricator
Bike(s): 2016 Kawasaki ...
Eric Tourdot

Eric Tourdot

Name: Eric Tourdot
Nickname: E
Hometown: Oshkosh
Profession: Defense Engineering
Motovid Role/Position: Control Rider
Bike(s): ...

Gary Bausch

Name: Gary Bausch
Nickname: Gare, Gare Bear, G
Hometown: Madison, WI
Profession: IT support
Motovid ...

Gerald Terrell

Name:Gerald Terrell
Nickname: Dre
Hometown: Des Plaines, IL
Profession: Outside Technician/Cable Splicer/Fiber Splicer for At&t

Harry Wirth

Name: Harry Wirth
Nickname: Big daddy
Hometown: Brighton, Wisconsin
Profession: Retired Professor, Architect
Motovid Role/Position: ...

Ike Ozurumba

Name: Ike Ozurumba
Nickname: Ike
Hometown: Milwaukee
Profession: Computer Network Engineer
Bike(s): 2005 Suzuki SV650

Jake McKeon

Name: Jacob McKeon
Nickname: Jake
Hometown: Dubuque
Profession: welder
Motovid Role/Position:Control Rider
Bike(s): 07 GSXR ...
Jason Herheim

Jason Herheim

Name: Jason Herheim
Nickname: Jason
Hometown: Madison, Wisconsin
Profession: Technical College Instructor
Motovid Role/Position: Clinic ...

Jeff Gellendin

Name: Jeff Gellendin
Nickname: Badger
Hometown: Cedarburg, WI
Profession: Commercial Engineering Manager
Motovid Role/Position: Control ...

Jim McPolin

Name: Jim McPolin
Nickname: Jim
Hometown: St. Charles, IL
Profession: Retail and Financial IT
Motovid ...
Johnny LaConte

Johnny LaConte

Name: Johnny LaConte
Nickname: Jigs
Hometown: Mequon
Profession: Sales manager
Motovid Role/Position: Track Coach
Bike(s): ...

Josh Van Dinter

Name: Josh Van Dinter
Nickname: Mr. Braapp
Hometown: Columbus Wi
Profession: Collision & Custom Painter

Jovani Roa

Name: Jovani Roa
Nickname: Jovani
Hometown: Pingree Grove, IL
Profession: Motorcycle Safety RiderCoach
Bike(s): 2009 ...

Kelly Goranson

Name: Kelly Goranson
Nickname: Kelbel, Kelz, KG
Hometown: Hazel Green
Profession: welder/fabricator
Bike(s): 05 Kawasaki ...

Kim Shockey

Name: Kim Shockey
Nickname: Rocket
Hometown: Rock City
Profession: IT Manager
Motovid Role/Position: CR and ...

Kobi Lambert

Name: Kobi Lambert
Nickname: Orange Crush, Turbo
Hometown: Zion, IL
Profession: College Peer Mentor
Bike(s): ...

Marko Lazarevic

Name: Marko Lazarevic
Nickname: Peaches
Hometown: Milwaukee WI
Profession: Calibration Engineer
Bike(s): 2016 Aprilia RSV4, ...
Marr Ritucci

Marr “5un5hine” Farrell

Name: Marr “5un5hine” Farrell
Nickname: Sunshine
Hometown: Oshkosh
Profession: GM
Motovid Role/Position: CR(Control Rider) & ...
Michael Herrenbruck

Michael Herrenbruck

Name: Michael Herrenbruck
Nickname: Mike, “Dragontail”
Hometown: Twin Lakes, WI
Profession: Customer Service Rep
Motovid ...

Mike Burger

Name: Mike Burger
Nickname: Burger
Hometown: Butler wi
Profession: Automotive Technician
Motovid Role/Position: Control Rider

Omid Namdari

Name: Omid Namdari
Nickname: Persian
Hometown: Naperville, IL
Profession: Soccer Coach
MotoVid Role/Position: Control Rider

Ryan Nolan

Name: Ryan Nolan
Nickname: Ryhno
Hometown: Sheboygan Falls
Profession: Business Analyst
Bike(s): 2007 SV650, 2006 ...

Sam Kok

Name: Sam Kok
Nickname: Skimmer
Hometown: Madison
Profession: Logistics Specialist
Motovid Role/Position: Instructor / Control ...

Seth Denzer

Name: Seth Denzer
Nickname: Beefcake
Hometown: Janesville
Profession: Saw operations
Motovid Role/Position: Tech shed
Bike(s): ...

Steve Hardy

Name: Steve Hardy
Nickname: Hardy or Hardy Boii
Hometown: West Dundee
Profession: DJ/Photographer
Bike(s): ’06 ...
Terry Wilkinson

Terry Wilkinson

Name: Terry Wilkinson
Nickname: T
Hometown: Menomonee Falls
Profession: Software Engineer
Motovid Role/Position: Coach/Control Rider

Tyne Rieck

Name: Tyne Rieck
Nickname: T-t-t-t-t….uh….
Hometown: Davenport, IA
Profession: Curriculum/Talent Mgr for Continuing Education
Bike(s): ...

Wyatt Karl

Name:Wyatt Karl
Nickname: Wyatt
Hometown: Rockford, IL
Profession: Mechanical Engineer
Bike(s): 2013 Triumph Daytona 675R