The All Levels Track Day program is designed to provide the most conducive track environment with a focus on safety, education and overall experience for riders of all levels. Using the program developed by over nineteen seasons, riders can experience the thrill and exhilaration of riding their motorcycle in a safe controlled, environment with a dedicated team of professional staff to assist in the experience. attempts to properly assign riders to their respective session groups based on skill, experience and speed stated from event registration. In the event rider’s pace/bike/skill-set does not align with their assigned group on their track day, com staff helps move the rider to the appropriate group for optimal safety and experience.

The All Levels Track Day structure runs four 15 min. sessions per hour with assigned run groups; BLUE – GREEN – ORANGE – YELLOW, each with approximately 6-8 riding sessions per day, based on the track facilities. Each group is further assigned its own team of Control Staff circulating in each session alongside riders.

BLUE GROUP – Advance Rules – Pace: BFR : 1:19 or less — RA : 2:35 or less
GREEN GROUP – Intermediate Rules – Pace : BFR : 1:24 or less — RA : 2:45 or less
ORANGE GROUP – Intermediate Rules – Pace : BFR : 1:29 or less — RA : 2:59 or less
YELLOW GROUP – Novice Rules – Pace BFR : 1:30 + — RA : 3:00 +

In the event the rider is not up to speed for the respective group or simply not at pace with the other riders in his/her assigned group for any reason during the event, the Staff can re-assign the rider to a more suitable group by “bumping” accordingly.

For safety and the most pleasurable track experience, Sessions Groups are further limited, dependent on the track. In this way, it is in the best interest of all riders to be grouped with riders of their own capabilities with dedicated Control Rider staff. has developed, then refined the All Levels Track Day and Performance Riding Clinic structure and format over the last sixteen(16)years to deliver the best track experience and education for its riders and students in the safest way possible.

For a complete list of rules and requirements, please read the Riders Packet


2016_cr_stickerThe Control Staff are highly skilled, easily approachable and dedicated individuals. Some of the best riders and accomplished racers in the midwest,  our incredible Control Staff is integral to the success and overall experience of our program.  The primary role for the Control Staff is to promote safety, demonstrating safe riding techniques and to assure smooth session transitions throughout the day.  During each session, the Control Staff make sure all riders are adhering to passing rules and general guidelines for their respective groups.  Using 5:1 riders-to-control staff ratio, assigns upwards of six (6) dedicated control riders to each session group.

Many of the seasoned staff members are trained riders/racers themselves; professional instructors, teachers and accomplished road race champions at all levels. From top ten AMA finishers, track champions, current lap record holders, regional champions and MSF instructors,'s staff has a team of diverse and proven individuals available to its participants. The talent and experience in the paddock is on par with many regional race events, yet highly approachable and there to assist each and every rider.