Tyne Rieck

Name: Tyne Rieck
Nickname: T-t-t-t-t….uh….
Hometown: Davenport, IA
Profession: Curriculum/Talent Mgr for Continuing Education
Bike(s): 2006 Suzuki SV650
Favorite Track(s): Road America, Brainerd International Raceway
On the track since: 2014

About Me:
I live in Iowa with husband Bryan and our fur-baby Percy. I’m this strange mix of super organized yet creatively chaotic and I enjoy when that messes people up and they can’t categorize me. I play bassoon in the Quad City Wind Ensemble and for numerous other orchestral and church gigs.

I’m a BAMMMA. Bachelor of Arts, Master of Music, Master of Arts. Mostly I think it’s just super fun to say “bammma!”

When you see me at the track I’m probably smiling.

2016 AMA Road Race Grand Championships: 2nd in Amateur Supersport Lightweight Twins

2016 CCS Mid-West Region: 3rd in Amateur Grand Prix Lightweight

Taking the JP43 class in 2016 and riding on track with one of my heroes Caroline Olsen (yes, there were selfies!).

Track Day Advice:
Go slow to go fast. If you want to improve, ride 75-80%. Listen. Soak everything up. Listen some more. Taking the time to listen and learn will help you improve much more rapidly.

0 mph tip-overs happen. Especially if you’re short (like me). Don’t be embarrassed because I can guarantee you the only thing the people around you care about is that you (and the bike) are okay.

Always have fun – if you’re not having fun, what’s the point?

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