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The JP 43 Training was great!. I learned a lot. Its hard to put into words with out going into little details about what made it an awesome class but I will try.

The things he taught were not completely new concepts but the way he delivered it was completely different. He actually broke things down to the hows and whys, and how things are different for people going different speeds.

As easy as shifting sounds to everyone, there is a lot more to it, and his use of RPM management opened my eyes and really fixed a few of my biggest problems out on the track.

His use of body position was great as well, not trying to make us all look like the pros but use positioning as it should be to actually get the bike around the track more effectively and efficiently.

The only things I would have really liked to have gotten from the class would have been to see video of myself working on the concepts to see what I was actually doing, not just what I thought I was doing. A bit more one-one coaching would have been nice as well, but when the class is as big as it was and only three coaches that is a little tough.

Over all it was a great experience and well worth it, I would love the chance to take his program again.

JP43 Training - Sep 2015Student

 I absolutely loved JP43!

The fact that I got to learn from two seasoned experts on the track and also go out and ride right next to them was much cooler than I had thought. The content covered was extremely important and relevant to me as a beginner track rider and racer. I really appreciated their attitudes regardless of how well known they are.

If I wouldnt have known who they were, I wouldnt have been able to tell them from seasoned track day riders. They were easy to talk to and feel comfortable with. Both Jason and Greg genuinely cared about our learning and improving on the track! I will definitely be signing up for this again!

JP43 Training - Sep 2015Student

JP 43 training was fantastic.  Learned more than I ever expected.  I am a core believer of back to basics and that was exactly what we did.  My track days are not more enjoyable and I feel much safer out on the track.

Not many con’s I thought there was going to be a few more control riders working directly with us.  But we all had time with Jason and the other instructors were very good about getting with riders on items to work on.

JP43 Training - Sep 2015
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