Nick Uselmann


Name: Nick Uselmann
Nickname: Pedro or Big Cat
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Profession: Test Engineer
Motovid Role/Position: Control Rider/ Rider Coach
Bike(s): ’06 SV650 / ’81 Honda Express
Favorite Track(s): Blackhawk & Gingerman
On the track since: 2007

About Me:
I was trained to be an MSF instructor in 2013. I’ve coached 200+ people who wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle/get their licence. 2015 was my first season as a Rider Coach with Motovid.

I get to teach people how to take a bike off of the kickstand, and coach people who are trying to get a knee down. How cool is that!!!?!?!

2015 was my first season racing with CCS in the Midwest region. Finished 4th in two amateur regional championships, with 2 wins and 5 podiums.

Track Day Advice:
Have an open mind, listen to the control riders, and leave your ego at home. There is no reward for going the fastest. Practice what we talk about and you’ll be a way better rider, street and track.

Never hesitate to ask a CR a question. We have heard it all, and want to help.

Remember, track days are FUN!!

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