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  • I have been riding motorcycles my whole adult life (pretty long time) and I learned more in one day with Motovid then I did all those past years. They have an extremely good system of education.

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Whether you are new to motorcycling, an avid track day enthusiast or seasoned road racer, Performance Riding Clinics are designed for riders of all levels.

Each course designed with a focused curriculum, dynamic structure with on-track exercises and an incredible staff of professional instructors dedicated to the students.

Utilizing  the Performance Riding Clinic format, riders of all levels can improve their skills, learn safe riding techniques, develop fundamentals and progressively gain confidence and speed on the track from instructors, many of which are proven racers and track champions.

Class size is limited to maintain 3:1 student-to-instructor ratio for a highly personalized coaching experience. Each class maintains dedicated classroom lessons with 15 min. on track sessions for drills and exercises per hour. Students receive 5-7 lessons with dedicated classroom time and 5 -7 on track sessions for course exercises.

The Performance Riding Clinics Program offers three distinct courses in 2016; Real World Speed Street Skills, Sport Riding 101 and Jason Pridmore's JP43 Training


3:1 student - to - coach ratio - trained & certified

The Instructor Team & Control Staff are highly skilled riders, easily approachable and dedicated individuals. Some of the best riders and accomplished road racers in the midwest,  our incredible team is integral to the success and overall experience of our program. instructors are trained riders, teachers, professors and accomplished road race champions at many levels. From MSF instructor accreditation, experience coaching with other national programs,’s staff has a team of diverse and proven individuals dedicated to each students individual growth and overall experience.


The Real World Speed Street Skills Riding Clinic, developed for licensed street riders of all levels on any street motorcycle provides exercises alongside dedicated classroom curriculum designed by Jason Herheim to help street riders improve their fundamentals and safe riding techniques with and without passengers whether on a solo ride or in a group setting.

Topics include: General Safe Riding Procedures, Vision and Perception on the road. Smooth Cornering at speed, including braking, shifting technique. Body position for solo and two up riding. Understand how passengers affect motorcycle handling, adjustments necessary for riding two up.

The Sport Riding 101 course is designed for the novice level rider interested in track days, understanding the dynamics of track riding, and improving their street and sport riding skills. Students learn track safety, basic body position, vision, throttle control techniques.

Topics include:Understanding the feedback loop, dealing with lean angles at speed, corner entry, braking/shifting techniques and track riding safety.




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Track day riders, club racers and race fans; here is your chance to train with FIM World Endurance racer and coach/mentor to many national and international racers; the 1997 AMA 750 Supersport, 2002 AMA Formula Extreme and 2003 FIM World Endurance Champion Jason Pridmore.

JP43 Training provides dedicated classroom lessons with on track sessions to perform exercises designed by JP for the dynamic curriculum. JP and his team of guest instructors assist students with each exercise demonstrating the technique and reviewing the results within the class discussion to recap each lesson. Class is very limited.


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