Whether you are new to motorcycling, an avid track day enthusiast or seasoned road racer, Rider Clinics have something for riders of all levels.

The Rider Clinic program offers four distinct courses in 2014;  Sport Riding 101,  Performance Riding 201, Personal Coach 301 & FUNdamentals 401 with Cory West. Each with a focused curriculum, dynamic structure with on-track exercises and an incredible staff of professional instructors dedicated to the students.

Utilizing  the Rider Clinic format, riders of all levels can improve their skills, learn safe riding techniques, develop fundamentals and progressively gain confidence and speed on the track from instructors, many of which are proven racers and track champions.

Class size is limited to maintain 3:1 student-to-instructor ratio for a highly personalized coaching experience. Each class maintains dedicated classroom lessons with 15 min. on track sessions for drills and exercises per hour. Students receive 5 lessons with dedicated classroom time and 5 on track sessions for course exercises.

SPORT RIDING 101 – “Introduction to Track day riding”

clinic_novThe Sport Riding 101 class is designed for the novice level rider interested in track days, understanding the dynamics of track riding, and improving their street and sport riding skills. Students learn track safety, basic body position, vision, throttle control techniques. Topics include:Understanding the feedback loop, dealing with lean angles at speed, corner entry, braking/shifting techniques and track riding safety.


  • Fri. May 16
  • Mon. September 1

PERFORMANCE RIDING 201 – “Enhancing skills for the track”


The Performance Riding 201 class is designed for Sport Riding 101 graduates or the experienced intermediate level track day enthusiast who rides ORANGE – GREEN working to improve their performance riding skills. Riders interested in getting “bumped” within their track day organization’s riding group or club racers looking to take their riding to the next level should consider Performance Riding 201.


  • Fri. May 16
  • Mon. September 1

PERSONAL COACH 301 – “Custom Training at any level”


The Personal Coach 301 program offered during All Levels Motorcycle Track Days on select events provides a dedicated private Instructor for the entire day with dynamic curriculum based on the individual student-rider. Primarily designed for  101,  201 , 401 graduates, experienced riders with five or more recent track days can also use this program which expands on the core foundation established in 101/201/401 Rider Clinic courses. Dedicated coaches work with riders to quickly develop a skills assessment and roadmap to their achieve own personal riding goals.

2014 PERSONAL COACH 301 DATES : ANY All Levels Motorcycle Track Day


FUNDAMENTALS 401 WITH CORY WEST – “Advanced Riding FUNdamentals”

cw-funThe FUNdamentals 401 with Cory West class is designed for Sport Riding 101 / Performance Riding 201 graduates, intermediate – advanced level track day enthusiast who rides GREEN – BLUE group or club racers.  Learn advanced performance riding fundamentals working under the guidance and direction of Cory West, top AMA Pro Superbike racer with his staff of Instructors.  Very limited availability.


  • Wed. Apr. 30
  • Mon. September 1


The Instructor Team & Control Staff are highly skilled riders, easily approachable and dedicated individuals. Some of the best riders and accomplished road racers in the midwest,  our incredible team is integral to the success and overall experience of our program. instructors are trained riders, teachers, professors and accomplished road race champions at many levels. From MSF instructor accreditation, experience coaching with other national programs,’s staff has a team of diverse and proven individuals dedicated to each students individual growth and overall experience.